Hello and welcome to my Minecraft and gaming blog! I am a semi noob to Minecraft and I have been having so much fun with it, in creative and survival, on my Mac and on my iPad, that I created this site to share the love with other Minecraft fans.

I am currently playing survival and creative mostly vanilla Minecraft on my own private worlds, and I have played on several multiplayer servers including the late ‘Coehorts’ server (a private server with a group of fans of gamer extraordinaire and Minecraft legend, Coestar), the PlayMindcrack server (I had a plot in Southshire in the Lords of Minecraft until the move off PM) and playing a lot of minigames on the Mineplex, Hive and Hypixel servers.


Please note for fans of Coestar, he has created his own Coehorts Steam gaming group here.


I have been on the web since the late 90’s, and have had my personal Youtube channel since 2007 under the name TishKitty, and I am now using it as my gaming name as well. I am an old school gamer and have been obsessed with arcade games for years (my all time favorite is Galaga), but it has been a long time since I’ve devoted this much time to a real computer video game.

Cause… I have a Mac.

*ducks as the PC gamers throw stones*


To which I’ve added an upgraded graphics card and a Windows simulator.

*ducks to avoid the flying apples*


I’ve been spending a lot of time following other gamers on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter so I wanted to get more involved with all of you lovely people who are making my life a happier, more creative place daily.