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Hello and welcome to the gaming section of my website! I am an old school gamer, my early faves were ‘Duck Hunting’ (the projected version), Pong and the infamous Death Race. I spent of my time and money in my teens and early 20’s obsessed with pinball and arcade games (my all time favorite is Galaga). I was very casual for many years after for many reasons, and have seriously gotten back into gaming the last six or seven years.

I stumbled back in via Minecraft, and have played a ton of mostly vanilla Minecraft on both my own private worlds and on many  multiplayer servers beginning with the late ‘Coehorts’ server (a private server with a group of fans of gamer extraordinaire and gaming legend, Coestar), the PlayMindcrack server, Lords of Minecraft, Vechs super hostile online and Vechsilla servers, Aureylian‘s server, and spend most of my multiplayer time now on OMGChad‘s sub-server.

Please note for fans of Coestar, he has created his own Coehorts Steam gaming group here, and he broadcasts lots of different current and retro games every single day (for over four years now!) on TwitchTV.

I began gaming again as an adult on an Apple Mac Pro, and continued on Wii, PS3, PS4 and last year graduated to my first PC and am having the time of my life.

I have been on the web since the late 90’s, and have had my personal Youtube channel since 2007 under the name TishKitty, and I am now using it as my gaming name as well. My Youtube channel showcases a mix of my photography, lots of Houston and New Orleans area events and concerts and a bit of gaming.

My current favorite games include – Minecraft, Sims 4, CS:GO, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Witcher III and more.