Twitch Hype! Possible live game streams to come!

Twitch now allows uploaded videos, so I’m moving my gaming videos onto my Twitch account, one per day each evening this week.  I’m also trying to … Read the rest

Hologram Minecraft!

Be still my beating heart <3  This preview from Microsoft of their HoloLens technology gave me chills!  

Lords of Minecraft Play Mindcrack World Map 8-11

So I accidentally went to the Lords of Minecraft Play Mindcrack server with Journeymap enabled, and it actually let me map it (I thought it … Read the rest

Coehorts World Map August 10

Journeymap view of the beautiful Coehorts Minecraft server as of this morning.  (I got Forge updated to 1.7.10, yay!) My base is the huge fenced in area at … Read the rest

Has Coe’s Quest 2 arrived?

In case anyone hasn’t been following Season 5 of Mindcrack SMP, Coestar and AvidyaZen worked together on the first six episodes and with episode 7 Coe is striking out on … Read the rest

Coestar and Pause Visit Lords of Minecraft

King Poose (PauseUpPause) and Lords Coestar, Guude, Nisovin, Willakers, Beef, Justin, Roamin, Deadbones, Arkas and Squire Pyro pay a visit to the peasants on the … Read the rest

I Got Killed by Coestar on Lords of Minecraft!

Much excitement in Lords of Minecraft tonight as the Lords paid a visit to the village. The following post has my video of the event … Read the rest

My House on Play Mindcrack Lords of Minecraft

It’s been such an eventful week I haven’t had time to post anything, because when I was visiting friends out of town last weekend, the … Read the rest

Coestar is in Season 17 of Mindcrack UHC!

Coestar is playing his first ever round of Minecraft UHC on the Mindcrack server, two episodes out so far! It’s an all star group, including … Read the rest

New Minecraft Game Castle Siege on Mineplex!

Playing the new Minecraft game Castle Siege on the Mineplex server!  Play as a soldier defending the king and castle or one of the undead … Read the rest