Twitch Hype! Possible live game streams to come!

Twitch now allows uploaded videos, so I’m moving my gaming videos onto my Twitch account, one per day each evening this week.  I’m also trying to work up the nerve to stream a bit (eek!). I’m inspired by all the current Halloween streams on Twitch, my fave being Coestar’s Scream A Day 3, check it out, he’s been streaming every evening for several years and has passed the 1k mark (he’s at 1050 as of today).

Speaking of Coe, Tuesday’s video is some very early Lords of Minecraft mania where he and PauseUnpause visited and slaughtered their fans and followers (including me) as we followed them around. I’m not on the LOM server anymore (I mostly play single player, and on OMGChad‘s original server and Vechs Vanilla server), but it’s fun to revisit it.

Coestar and Pause Visit Lords of Minecraft

Has Coe’s Quest 2 arrived?

In case anyone hasn’t been following Season 5 of Mindcrack SMP, Coestar and AvidyaZen worked together on the first six episodes and with episode 7 Coe is striking out on his own – literally, the mob body count is insane!  Coe has hinted there will be an ‘official’ Coe’s Quest 2 project, but in the meantime this series is making me SO freaking happy <3