Lords of Minecraft Play Mindcrack World Map 8-11

So I accidentally went to the Lords of Minecraft Play Mindcrack server with Journeymap enabled, and it actually let me map it (I thought it was zero mods, though I do have the Fair Play version of the map so perhaps that’s why). I was able to map everything but the Slums, because the Cloud Kingdom is above it.  Download the image at the Imgur link below to look at it in more detail.

I really wish we could own more than one plot of move to a different one.  I picked mine hastily not knowing the I was on the far southern edge of the world (just west of the market, which for some reason I assumed was closer to the center). I wish I were closer to the Main Street area of Southshire where all my friends are.  And it would also be fun to have a plot in The Nether area, aka Halloween Town.

I believe to rent another I’d have to abandon mine first, but I wouldn’t be able to even check which ones were available (sigh).  I do like my build, though, and it’s not hard to get around because I’m so close to the market portal, but still…
Lords of Minecraft World Map 8-11-14

Has Coe’s Quest 2 arrived?

In case anyone hasn’t been following Season 5 of Mindcrack SMP, Coestar and AvidyaZen worked together on the first six episodes and with episode 7 Coe is striking out on his own – literally, the mob body count is insane!  Coe has hinted there will be an ‘official’ Coe’s Quest 2 project, but in the meantime this series is making me SO freaking happy <3  

Coestar and Pause Visit Lords of Minecraft

King Poose (PauseUpPause) and Lords Coestar, Guude, Nisovin, Willakers, Beef, Justin, Roamin, Deadbones, Arkas and Squire Pyro pay a visit to the peasants on the PlayMindcrack server in the Lords of Minecraft village. The audio is from Coestar’s Twitch TV stream and the video is from my perspective as a resident of Southshire, chasing the Lords all over the village.   FYI, Coe also discusses his new Minecraft projects. And kills me and many others multiple times, lol.

I Got Killed by Coestar on Lords of Minecraft!

Much excitement in Lords of Minecraft tonight as the Lords paid a visit to the village. The following post has my video of the event with the audio from Coestar’s Twitch broadcast and here are my two favorite screenshots of me and Coe actually in the same shot, lol. The first image is him reviewing the peasants (just before the Lords killed us all), and Coe running past me as we were all chasing him. I am proud to say he killed me many times and I was lucky enough to be at the Banishment Island when the Lords were there.

My House on Play Mindcrack Lords of Minecraft

It’s been such an eventful week I haven’t had time to post anything, because when I was visiting friends out of town last weekend, the Play Mindcrack server began a new multiplayer village called Lords of Minecraft, so I jumped on it as soon as I got home and leased a plot in Southshire, which has a color scheme that matches my real house, a palette of beautiful blues.

Here is the finished exterior, still in need of landscaping (and a porch, lol) and proper lighting.  And before the plot in front of me is occupied.  If anyone wants to visit, I’m within a few houses of the spawn market portal.


Tishkitty's home on Lords of Minecraft Tishkitty’s home on Lords of Minecraft