Lords of Minecraft Play Mindcrack World Map 8-11

So I accidentally went to the Lords of Minecraft Play Mindcrack server with Journeymap enabled, and it actually let me map it (I thought it was zero mods, though I do have the Fair Play version of the map so perhaps that’s why). I was able to map everything but the Slums, because the Cloud Kingdom is above it.  Download the image at the Imgur link below to look at it in more detail.

I really wish we could own more than one plot of move to a different one.  I picked mine hastily not knowing the I was on the far southern edge of the world (just west of the market, which for some reason I assumed was closer to the center). I wish I were closer to the Main Street area of Southshire where all my friends are.  And it would also be fun to have a plot in The Nether area, aka Halloween Town.

I believe to rent another I’d have to abandon mine first, but I wouldn’t be able to even check which ones were available (sigh).  I do like my build, though, and it’s not hard to get around because I’m so close to the market portal, but still…
Lords of Minecraft World Map 8-11-14

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