TishKitty is part of my greater site beckyplexco.com (which is currently undergoing a major redesign), which includes Morticia’s Morgue (a macabre and goth website online since 1997), Gothic Kitty (shrine to GothicKitty and homage to Cassandra Starbright, aka Batcat), Hip Scarf Junkie (the home for all my belly dance interests) and Enigma Arts Photography (my photography page). I am also the creator of the popular facebook group Elders of Goth (for Goths over 30).

I also have several mirror facebook fan pages including the newly created TishKittyMorticia’s MorgueVintage Halloween CollectiblesGothic Romance Paperback NovelsGothic Kitty Phoebe, and Hip Scarf Junkie. I have been an avid photographer since the 1970’s and I am the owner of Enigma Arts Photography in Houston.

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