Coestar is in Season 17 of Mindcrack UHC!

Coestar is playing his first ever round of Minecraft UHC on the Mindcrack server, two episodes out so far! It’s an all star group, including Guude, Pause, Sethbling, Beef and Captain Sparklez. So cool seeing Coe play again, though he’s his own worst enemy, lol.


New Minecraft Game Castle Siege on Mineplex!

Playing the new Minecraft game Castle Siege on the Mineplex server!  Play as a soldier defending the king and castle or one of the undead attackers, either way, chaos reigns!

Splegg on The Hive Minecraft Minigames!

My first multiplayer Minecraft game!  I played Splegg and One In The Chamber on The Hive tonight, and recorded it for everyone to make fun of, enjoy!

Minecraft Village From Hell!



Even the countryside is on fire! One of those times you’re  really glad you’re in creative minecraft, lol.  The chickens do seem to be enjoying it, don’t they look happy? I only lost one villager on this one before I could repair it.  I missed barricading the door on one house and he just jumped right in and refused to come out of the ravine, he did somehow survive the fall. That makes two villages that spawned in a ravine on my Gotham Village map (I’m up to 20+ so far, so not bad). And I still haven’t finished exploring the plains area.





Gotham Village, a huge Minecraft plains biome for building!

So I’ve been playing a lot of survival recently and wanted to create a new creative world to build a little city on just for fun. I created half a dozen new large biome worlds, one was close to what I wanted but I thought ‘just one more try’, and I hit the jackpot. I’ve been exploring just the plains area for the last few days and am maybe a little over than halfway through it and have found about…. oh… maybe fifteen villages?!  Two were within sight of each other. After I explore a little more I think I’m going to make a short fly through video of the highlights and put the seed up, it’s really amazing. I’ve been mapping it with JourneyMap, my favorite new mod, and here’s the lower half of the plains that has been mostly explored.


Warning, it’s a super large file (over a mb at 1920 full size). If you zoom in on it you can see the 10 of the villages.

Gotham Village Gotham Village

Yes, yet another webpage!

So I finally registered my youtube, and now gaming, name as a website. So now I have a place to post my Minecraft stuff and not annoy my friends who don’t play, lol. And I got to play with photoshop tonight, my first attempt at non photo art.